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Stage mesh

PVC meshes for stage shading, covering the side and background as well as PA and line array speakers

Stage meshes are useful tools used at concerts and many other occasions

The PVC meshes with various hole sizes allow them to be ideally used as side covering and background covering of mobile stages.

Stage meshes are often used for shading and light distribution. For example, when placed in front of the light source of a lamp, the mesh diffuses the light and can prevent the glare of the lamp.

Stage meshes can also be used as promotional surfaces. It is a high-quality printable material, similar to the stage mesh. The sound quality of the covered speakers is of course not affected.

Stage meshes come in a variety of sizes, and their use depends on the specific performance and intended effect. Always take into account the conditions and the features of the location, be creative!

According to their use, there are two main types of PVC stage meshes

  • Standard PVC meshes: This type is ideal as a side and back cover, stage shading, or decoration where sound-permeability is not required.
  • Sound-permeable PVC meshes: This type is specifically designed to cover loudspeakers in PA systems and line array sound systems. Provides smooth, consistent sound quality. Measurements show that it does not affect the sound; it has been tested by a renowned and respected recording studio and has performed excellently at all frequencies. Even at high frequencies and with wet textiles, losses are barely measurable.
Theatre and stage technology
Stage mesh

PVC stage meshes and loudspeaker meshes are versatile, robust materials!

They have numerous advantages, making them perfect choices for a stage environment.

Durability: PVC meshes are UV-resistant and water-resistant, so they can withstand weather conditions and abrasion. They are highly tear resistant and have a robust mesh construction. This makes these materials an ideal choice for both outdoor and indoor use. They provide protection against rain and weather.

Low weight: PVC meshes are light materials, thus they are easy to transport and install. This is an important aspect for stage technicians who often have to move mobile stage elements, sets and audio equipment.

Printability: PVC meshes can be printed. They are perfect for colour-intensive digital prints, so unique backgrounds can be created with them.

Sound-permeable: PVC meshes are sound-permeable, so they have no effect on sound quality. This is an important aspect for concerts and performances, where sound quality is of paramount importance. Compromises between stage building and professional audio equipment are thus things of the past.

Also available in a flame-retardant design: They are safe to use with regards to fire protection.

The use of PVC stage meshes as technical materials makes them the perfect choice for the following venues:

  • Television and film studios
  • Concerts
  • Theatrical performances
  • Festivals
  • Other events

We will help you choose,

so you can purchase the most suitable stage mesh for your purpose - technical requirements, stage conditions and venue.

We also inform you about warranty conditions during the purchase / sale of the stage mesh.

The materials can be purchased by the metre or cut to size / sewn; which we can produce in our own tailor workshop according to your wishes.

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Stage mesh

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