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Theatre technology service

Repair of theatre and stage scenic equipment, all that theatre engineering!

You can count on us for repairs either covered by warranty or without!

Repair of stage technology: the repair of stage elements, curtains, orchestra lowering systems, rotating stages, fly systems, curtain pulleys, etc. is achieved using professional tools.

During the repair, our service also places major emphasis on the quality of the procured parts, saving time, energy, and money for our clients!

Scenic equipments we repair:

  • curtain track system
  • power puller
  • fly system
  • lightning bridge
  • lightning support
  • personal lowering system
  • moving of the orchestra pit
  • revolving stage
  • load lifting system
  • mobile stage elements
  • rail system
  • chain hoist
  • remote controlled stage carriage
  • manual and machine-operated grandstand
  • Spiralift®

Warranty management process

  1. Please report the malfunction via the szinhazszerviz@gepberszinpad.hu e-mail address!

    Please describe the error briefly and attach a picture as well.

    To ensure the smoothest process possible please provide information on whom we may contact about the exact time of servicing or any additional questions.

  2. We administer the warranties of each of our installed equipment in an up-to-date manner, so we can check the validity and the expiration date of the warranty as well. The expiration of our warranty is determined in our contracts. We also keep records of the exact times of installation and the starting date of the warranties.

    Important! During the time frame of the warranty only we may perform servicing on the equipment; any other repair voids the warranty.

  3. After checking the warranty expiration date:

    1. If the device is within the time frame of the warranty: We will contact you within 24 hours on workdays, or on the first workday in the case of reports sent on public or bank holidays to organize an appointment, provide information on how to access the location, and the expected delivery date of the repair.

    2. If the device falls outside the time frame of the warranty: Every device is subject to error inspection, the costs of which we will indicate on the quotation we send you, showing the estimated price and timeframe of the repair.

      The cost of error inspection is as follows: in Budapest HUF 15,000 + VAT, in other locations HUF 15,000 + VAT plus travel expenses of HUF 180/km + VAT.

      If you do order the repair, we will not charge you the cost of error inspection.

      If you do not order the repair after the error inspection, we will charge the cost of error inspection!

      Should you accept the offer we will provide information on how to access the location or how you can send in the equipment for repairs.

  4. Our servicing staff will perform the repair at the prearranged time.

    If the repair was not covered by warranty, we will create an invoice in accordance with the certificate of completion signed on-site based on the exact work hours.

    We create a worksheet for equipment serviced on-site that contains the repairs performed and the work hours invested.

  5. Should the provision of spare parts be necessary we will notify you of this fact and its deadline.

  6. We will report to you if the repair is completed via telephone or e-mail.

  7. After the repair we will check back with you via phone or e-mail about whether everything is all right and the device functions properly.

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Projects related to theatre technology solutions
Molton and greenbox curtains in the BETON FOTO&VIDEO studio

On behalf of the partner, we had to equip the BETON FOTO&VIDEO studio with curtains that allow the studio to perform several functions: It had to be suitable for shooting and photography tasks alike.

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Szolnok Szigligeti Theatre Complete Theatre Engineering Reconstruction

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