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3D modelling

A world of concepts: engineering 3D modelling is the basis of feasibility

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3D modelling

We create a realistic spatial model

The first step in the design of single-purpose and unique machine design is to develop concepts and to select a concept for implementation.

In the case of the design of engineering systems, this process is made considerably easier by virtual reality. Today’s 3D software allows us to create different models (variations) for a specific subject.

Simplified elements are used for testing operating principles and layout.

The level of detail constantly grows at the advanced stage to assess functionality and feasibility, all the way up to the appropriate level to prepare the manufacturing documentation.

Engineering 3D modelling

For a technically sound decision, we prepare a parametric spatial model of machines, equipment, products, and layout.

At this stage of engineering design we can display different versions/concepts in spatial diagrams, projections, cross-sections, and comments with the use of 3D modelling.

Finally, the selected pre-design will be further developed taking the aspects of production and assembly into account.

Once the concept is selected, animation can begin.

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