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Postal address / site

GÉPBÉR-Színpad Kft.

1048 Budapest Tenkefürdő utca 5.

Office: 1. emelet

Warehouse: 3. warehouse

Romanian office
020481 București Sector 2,
Str. Maria Rosetti Nr 6/4.10.
Billing information

GÉPBÉR-Színpad Szolgáltató Kft.

6000 Kecskemét Izsáki út 8/b.

Tax number: 24184100-2-03

EU VAT number: HU24184100

Company registration number: 03 09 125536

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  • 2 Once your information has been submitted, the project management team will contact you by phone. If necessary, we will conduct a free technical survey in the form of a personal meeting, and then prepare designs for you based on this.
  • 3 After consultation, we will send you a summary via email.
  • 4 After the free survey and drafting, we will provide you with an accurate, unique quote.

You can expect an optimal engineering solution in terms of design, as well as a technically sound implementation.

You must know that we always strive for perfection!
You must know that we always strive for perfection!image-1 You must know that we always strive for perfection!image-2 You must know that we always strive for perfection!image-3 You must know that we always strive for perfection!image-4
Contact information of our staff
Attila Justin
Sales manager
attila.justin@gepberszinpad.hu +36 30 516 5666
Ádám Derdák
penzugy@gepberszinpad.hu +36 70 684 6330
Edit Fekete
Office manager
titkarsag@gepberszinpad.hu +36 70 511 4701