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Mobile trailer stage tutorial

Professional mobile trailer stage is produced specifically with the demands of the entertainment industry in mind!

Mobile trailer stage tutorial

With its 12 versions it offers the perfect solution for events of various sizes - from small gatherings to big concerts!

The main advantage of our stages is their short assembly and disassembly time.

Fit for universal use, the stages will serve any event irrespective of the weather conditions!

We do not only provide a one-off, free of charge assembly training at the time of purchase but also educate your colleagues on how to operate the stage. At least two people are required to be present at the assembly training.

Ensuring maximum safety, all our stages are provided with up-to-date certificates.

There are two types of mobile stages for you to choose from -

one trailer with standard / flat and the other with profiled / curved roof structure.

Expandable equipment, unique trailer price

In each case, we make an individual price offer, regarding what kind of roof and stage floor moving systems and stage accessories you want to choose, and you can even expand the equipment with sound and lighting devices.

The price offer / price includes the full cost of the investment.

Event technology
Mobile trailer stage tutorial

Reliable operation

We hold the EC type-approval certificate necessary for manufacturing trailers and special mobile stages as well as the relevant certificates and documentation for all the materials used in the process.

Every product is checked and tested for quality and technical specifications before delivering it to your doorstep!

In addition, we provide information on warranty conditions and the regular periodic maintenance of the device at the time of sale / purchase.

Launch of trailer mobile stages

The trailer mobile stage of your choice will be guided through the entire administrative and examination process by us from arrival in the country to launch.

The mobile stages with trailers can be towed with a "B" category license. In addition to this the capacity of the towing vehicle is the main and relevant factor.

Do you wish to know more about the mobile trailer stages?

Quick and easy assembly

A real benefit of our mobile trailer stages is their quick assembly time: small / medium and large mobile stages can be erected in 30 and 60 minutes respectively, with no tools required for the assembly.

Suspending components of the sound and lighting system is simple and safe before elevating the roof.

The opening and closing of the stage may, as an optional extra, be controlled through a hydraulic / electric motor, thus establishing safety at the highest possible level.

Storage of the mobile trailer stages

Due to their weatherproof construction, mobile trailer stages may not only be stored in warehouses but also outdoors. Stage equipment of the trailer (such as lighting trusses, stairs, guardrails and additional safety devices) is stored in the vehicle, prepared for delivery.

Assemble your mobile trailer stage in 5 simple steps:

  1. Adjust the stage and fix it
  2. Unfold the roof structure
  3. Drop the floor
  4. Elevate the roof structure
  5. Install the additional equipment

The trailer roof consists of three parts - one fixed and two mobile, folded. The unit is made up of aluminium profiles and is covered with a certified, uni- or bicolour PVC-canopy. The canopy weighs 650g/m2 and boasts an A203-type rim (breathable walls on three sides).

As an optional extra, you can have a coloured logo, brand name or even some text printed onto the canopy - giving you an extra surface for advertising.

The roof structure is erected to the maximum height of 6.1m with the help of a hydraulic pump.

The trailer is equipped with two sets of stairs and bannisters to facilitate mounting the stage, as well as guardrails to protect the sides and the rear of the stage.

All our stages are secured with four, TÜV NORD-certified grid support pillars with a load capacity of 50kg each.

Fittings and additional equipment may only be transported separately from the vehicle!

Mobile stages - make your choice with either standard or profiled roof structure!

The new design of the profiled trailer stages and the special mobile stages comply with the most rigorous safety regulations, due to the extensive experience [1] ALSPAW has gained in manufacturing. Whatever your choice may be, optimum and cost-effective delivery is guaranteed!

Assembly is quick and easy with the mobile trailer stages!

[1] ALSPAW - the worldwide leader in manufacturing aluminium stage structures since 1994. Their expertise is in manufacturing - even complex - mobile stages, stage roofs, crowd barriers, stage platforms, stand structures as well as DUO, TRI and QUADRO trusses.

ALSPAW offers complex services, excellent quality products and unique technological solutions all ensuring functionality, multi-faceted usage irrespective of the volume of the actual event whilst safeguarding our clients, complying with all the pertaining EU safety regulations.

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Practical installation advice for the ALSPAW mobile trailer stages

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