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Mobile trailer stages

XL80 standard mobile stage

The weather-resistant, anti-slip, 80 m2 mobile trailer stage with standard / flat roof is an accessory of events and outdoor performances!

Technical specifications

Roof structure: standard

Stage dimensions (unfolded): 10.0 m x 8.0 m x 7.0 m

Trailer dimensions (folded): 11.9 m x 2.45 m x 3.6 m

Roof elevation mechanism: electro-hydraulic, operated with a remote control

Floor elevation mechanism: electro-hydraulic, operated with a remote control

Permissible maximum gross weight: 3,500 kg

Stage floorspace: 80 m2

Stage floor height: 1.5 m

Stage floor surface: anti-slip, weather-resistant

Roof load capacity:

  • Load capacity of 400 kg spread evenly at the front and the rear of the roof (end tube)
  • Load capacity of 70 kg spread evenly at the front and the rear of the roof (middle tube)
  • Load capacity of 500 kg spread evenly in the middle of the roof

Stage load capacity: 2.5 kN/m2 (250 kg/m2)

Rectangular (grid support) pillars load capacity: 50 kg

Flying towers load capacity: 250 kg (in the centre)

Maximum wind speed: Wind zones 1-3., with the exception of coastal areas with a minimum width of 5 km, as well as islands of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, where a maximum of 17.8 m/s with hind and side panels and a maximum of 27.5 m/s without panels is applicable

Permissible maximum thickness of snow on the roof: Mobile sections may only be used in snow-free times; otherwise, effective measures (for instance installation of adequate heating) need to be taken to clear the snow

Canopy material: PVC-certified material (flame resistant)

Side panels (rim) material: A203 type(white or black)

Installation time: 60 minutes (2 members of staff)

Do you wish to know more about the standard XL80 mobile trailer stage?

All our products comply with the most rigorous and latest international standards of Eurocode 0, Eurocode 1, Eurocode 3 and Eurocode 9.

It is of great significance for us that our products adhere to the latest standards and regulations.

Fittings and additional equipment may only be transported separately!

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