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Event technology


In terms of implementation and operation, you can count on the most optimal event technology solution, plus a technically secure implementation.

Advent 2020 in Pólus Center / LED-poster operation in Pólus Center

The management of the shopping mall wanted to present and advertise the Christmas fair to their customers in an unorthodox way. The visualization needed to be a novelty with the ability to display video footages as a necessary requirement.

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Herendi Porcelán Booth, Frankfurt Ambiente 2020 / Installation of an Indoor LED Wall

Installation and operation of a high-resolution LED wall integrated in the booth of Herendi Porcelánmanufaktúra Zrt. at the Ambiente Exhibition in Frankfurt.

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Visual Technology Operation at the World Urban Games

Visual engineering design and operation. Construction of 160 square meters of LED walls in 10 venues and their control and operation, plus supplying them with contents from a central studio.

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Installation of a Flexible LED Wall

The Media Markt store located in Westend Shopping Centre wanted to install an LED wall in place of the old signboards. This was the first domestic Media Markt store to use a more eye-catching solution instead of lighting panels.

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LED poster; Custom Showcase with Image and Video Content

The Barbara Leber fashion salon wanted to showcase its products in the shop window in a unique way, and was looking for a solution. We recommended LED poster, which can showcase clothing collections by uploading different content, both images and vid...

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Installation of an Outdoor Corner LED Wall

Installation of remotely controlled L-shaped outdoor corner LED walls on the front walls of the main entrance of Shopmark shopping centre.

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Hexagon Office Building / Installation of an LED Display

On the top of the office building of Hexagon Offices, at a height of 38 meters, install a 106 square meter LED display on a total of 3 sides on a custom-made bracket manufactured by the client.

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Coca-Cola Energy Tour / Installation of Indoor LED floor and LED Wall

For events and tastings related to the launch of Coca-Cola Energy in Hungary, we had to create an interactive game using our LED solutions. We needed to create a specific software option which would invite the visitors to join the interactive game...

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Mobile trailer stage

The municipality of Bonyhád wanted to invest in an “L” size mobile stage trailer.

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