We create atmosphere for art and entertainment!

Professional event lighting

Enhance the stage experience with cutting-edge lighting technology and visual effects

We design and install the entire stage lightning system for you

The audience's experience is a key indicator of an event's success, relying in part on the visual effects we create and the emotions we evoke through the use of lighting technology.

Whether it's lighting for citywide social events, conferences, gigs, or corporate family days, we provide solutions tailored to your needs.

Once we understand your concept, we design the stage lighting, discuss the equipment requirements with you based on your plans, and then fully install the lighting system.

We program a unique show based on your needs

Our intelligent DMX controlled [1] devices include the newest LED lights, spotlights, washes, intelligent mirror scanner lights, dimmers, strobe lights, which can form a unique visual experience with coordinated effects designed for the production.

Custom gobos (projected patterns) can also be created, and used to project event, company, and marketing logos.

Event technology
Professional event lighting

You can choose fixed installation or rental equipment, too

It is possible to rent / hire operated event lighting equipment. If needed, we can provide a technical team for you, but you can also choose rental without technical staff, similar to dry rental.

In case of dry rental, you can choose between delivery to your site or the pickup of the rented equipment at our own location.

For sales transactions (in the case of a fixed installation), we provide all the necessary know-how to the operating team for safe operation.

Furthermore, information on warranty conditions and complimentary regular maintenance during the warranty period is provided at the time of sale / purchase.

In each case, we make an individual price offer

When determining the optimal price, after consultation and careful planning, we consider the type and size of equipment you want to choose, as well as the duration and whether you need technical staff in the case of renting.

The price offer includes the full cost of the investment / rental for the professional event lighting system.

Would you like to know more about our lighting system?

During the design process, the type of event to be lit, whether it is a concert, a play, or a speech, is an important factor to consider!

After presenting your ideas we will help you design the visual concept.

A process helps you go through the steps to realize the most optimal visual environment:

  1. Visual concept design
  2. Creating a brief
  3. Visualization and 3D modelling
  4. Lighting console programming (creating a time code)

We bring show elements to life with the MA Lighting grandMA2 [2] full-size V3 lighting console. We naturally take care of the full high and low voltage wiring needed for your event, and install additional necessary show elements as well.

Our lights represent the most beloved brands of the show industry: Martin [3]; Clay Paky [4]; GLP [5]; Robe [6]; Cameo DMX [7] controlled professional tools.

We provide the most modern of devices to turn your ideas into reality!

[1] DMX512 is a standard that establishes communication between the DMX console (lighting console) and the on-stage lighting elements (as well as fog machines) and other effect devices.

[2] The full-size grandMA2 is one of the strongest consoles from MA Lighting, and enables control of traditional lighting, moving lights, LED lights and media all through a single platform.

It is fitted with the most cutting-edge technology and a few more special functions (such as a keyboard drawer and a multi-touch control display), making the grandMA2 ideal for every segment of lighting. The console provides intuitive and fast controls over every connected device and channel.

[3] Martin MACIII Performance, Martin MAC 2000 Wash XB, Martin MAC700 Profile, Martin MAC700 Wash

[4] Claypacky K10 wash, Clay Paky StageLight 300 Spot

[5] GLP Impression FR-1, GLP Impression 90, GLP Fusion PAR FP-7, GLP Fusion Stick 20, GLP Fusion Supernova SN-70 RGBW

[6] Robe Robin 600

[7] Cameo Auro Spot Z300, Cameo FLATPRO 12

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