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Rear projection screens

Rear projection screens are ideal display surfaces if the screen is located between the projector and the audience!

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Rear projection screens

We offer you the best solution!

Our rear projection screens are grey by default, but theatres often expressed the need to switch the very obvious grey - or white in case of front projection screens - screen in front of the often used black background to a black one.

Black is black

That is why we developed black projection screens, which display even more vibrant colours as a bonus!

These materials can of course also be welded, so they are produced in extreme widths and without seams that would be disturbing when projected onto.

Which one would you choose?

Choose the black one or choose from the full Gerriets rear projection screen supply. Download the catalog!

We provide information on warranty conditions and the regular periodic maintenance of the device at the time of sale / purchase.

Would you like to know more about rear projection screens?

The tools for hanging – which can be rings, a sleeve, or even Velcro – are made of the same material, meaning they don’t weaken the structure of the screen.

Did you know that Gerriets [1] produces black projection screens that can be projected on from the rear as well?

[1] Gerriets is a constantly growing company, present in 19 countries with its subsidiaries and distributors. Since its establishment in 1946 Gerriets became a professional company serving stage, event, and exhibition needs.

Its activity branches out to every area: production of curtains, sheeting, scenic materials, ultrawide textiles, horizontal fabrics, decorative fabrics, stage velvets, effect materials, stage equipment, for example curtain-moving rail systems.

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Rear projection screens

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