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Theatre and stage technology


In terms of implementation and operation, you can count on the optimal theatre technology solution, plus a technically secure implementation.

Tulle projection screen interwoven with silver - Carmina Burana in the Erkel Theatre

The cooperation of the Hungarian State Opera and Freelusion yielded a world premiere of exceptional quality in the stage production of Carl Orff’s legendary piece with 3D visuals and live music. This series of exceptional shows, presented in the E...

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Horizon curtains around the studio

The entire studio needed to be surrounded with horizon material which was to serve as a neutral backdrop for the equipment installed at a later stage.

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Installation of vertically movable grandstand

The work concerned a 54 square meter section of the grandstand in a hall on a separate floor of the Újpest Market Place. This we needed to reconstruct so that it might be levelled up with the stage as and when necessary.

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The installation of the MEGASCREEN projection screen track system

The client wanted a special projection surface in the cultural centre - serving also as a cinema - which would reel up (wind up) easily; thus it would not interfere with theatrical performances when the hall is not used as a cinema.

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Triangles - ITU Gala

Our client wanted to bring a spectacular show for the ITU event series and entrusted us with producing large size triangles as part of the set. The triangles required a perfect composition whilst floating in the air.

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Greenbox / Bluebox studio creation

The aim was the creation of a greenbox / bluebox studio with a semicircle horizon.

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Csongor és Tünde: the play; Producing a projection horizon

The entire stage area of MÜPA needed to be covered so that it may be utilised in a multifunctional way during the Csongor és Tünde play.

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Planning and installation of acoustic curtain

Our task was to supply appropriate sound absorption by the dividing wall of two adjacent studios which would allow separate and simultaneous filming therein. Filming inherently involves the emission of sound effects which cannot be afforded to mix be...

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