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Installation of vertically movable grandstand

# type: Theatre lecture
# location: UP Rendezvénytér - Budapest, HU
# partner: KALOTHERM zrt.

The work concerned a 54 square meter section of the grandstand in a hall on a separate floor of the Újpest Market Place. This we needed to reconstruct so that it might be levelled up with the stage as and when necessary.


Unusually in this case, it was the grandstand which was to be built on movable stage elements. Extraordinary load capacity was another important aspect of the job.


► Installation of vertically movable grandstand: We built 27 standard stage elements with a size of 1x2 meter each and the ability to be moved vertically by 20-40-60-80 cm with an above-key solution, fixed on 54 square meters in the hall with a grandstand of 650 square meters in total.

This, with the possibility of the stage forming part of the floor and therefore allowing to be used as a grandstand, facilitates the quick and easy change of the set. To advance the harmony within the hall even further, we installed the same wood flooring on the stage elements as that which covers the rest of the hall. In addition to this, the motorized grandstand hosts 462 seats in 18 rows.

► We also installed a motorized forecurtain and 13 motorized holders in the stage.

The exceptional technology allows the hall to transform into one large horizontal surface, thus serving either as a concert hall or a ball room, the latter accommodating 1140 standing guests.

► Project location: the UP Event Space

Address: 1042 Budapest, Szent István tér 13-14.

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