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Sewing service

Sewing of theatre and stage materials

Plan with us! We are here to help you with the sewing of decorations, covers and acoustic materials (drapes and curtains) for theatres, community centres, outdoor stages, concerts, technical equipment and buildings.

Based on unique requirements, we create and sew the following pieces for theatres, community centres, outdoor stages and events

  • Theatre and stage fireproof curtains: forecurtain, background curtain, border, side curtain, stage skirt, vertical-pull cloud curtain, light-blocking blackout curtain and decoration sewing / making.
  • Event decorations: decorative elements based on unique requirements.
  • For concerts: background panel (printed materials, show elements), projection horizon, scrim curtain.
  • For technical equipments: PVC tent (for rain protection) sewing.
  • Acoustic curtains: sound amplification, echo absorption, customized finishing of acoustic materials for room partitioning.

It’s cool to think...!

We like tasks requiring real techy insight and knowledge - challenging projects pose no threat to us!

Merit goes to our sewers sand seamstresses, who have extensive industry knowledge and experience.

We are fortunate enough to have put together a team with sewers from different backgrounds, thus having a wide knowledge of the industry.

Sewing theatre and stage curtains is their passion!

The order process

  1. Please email us a brief of your idea to gepberszinpad@gepberszinpad.hu and attach your photos and documents if you have any!

    Details we will need from you: dimensions (width, height) of the ready piece, the type of the material, the exact finish (eyeletting, velcro etc.), the function of the piece as well as the deadline. Please include any additional tasks you would need us to do (installation, setting up etc.).

    To ensure the smoothest possible process please provide information on whom we may contact about the timing of a survey, the quotation or any additional questions.

  2. After the survey of your requirements we show you some sample materials.

    We send you a catalogue sheet in digital form; alternatively, upon request, we can post it out to you physically (sample piece dimensions: 5cm x 3cm). If even this proves insufficient for making a decision, we ask for larger sample materials from the manufacturer.

    In case you want to provide the material unbeknownst to us for the project, we need a sample piece from you in order to establish whether or not the project is feasible using such material.

  3. We then draw up a quotation for you, detailing the expected working hours, materials as well as the deadline for the work.

  4. We commence production once the quotation has been accepted.

  5. Report of project / sewing completion.

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Projects related to theatre technology solutions
Molton and greenbox curtains in the BETON FOTO&VIDEO studio

On behalf of the partner, we had to equip the BETON FOTO&VIDEO studio with curtains that allow the studio to perform several functions: It had to be suitable for shooting and photography tasks alike.

Project details
FINA 2022 – Blackout curtains for water polo sports venues of the World Aquatics Championships

The 2022 World Aquatics Championships were held between the 17th of June and the 3rd of July, organized by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) and the Hungarian Swimming Federation in Budapest, Debrecen, Sopron and Szeged. Combinatory Act...

Project details
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