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Triangles - ITU Gala

#type: Theatre lecture
#locale: Budapest, HU
#partner: MÜPA

Our client wanted to bring a spectacular show for the ITU event series and entrusted us with producing large size triangles as part of the set. The triangles required a perfect composition whilst floating in the air.


MÜPA, not being a theatre in the classic sense, has only a handful of clamps for fixing the set. The triangles therefore could not be secured where they were originally planned.


To ensure perfect positioning, we used spacers at the cranes above the triangles so to extend the 5 meter-wide, non-printed PVC canvas material. We paid extra attention to make sure the materials would be tight and flawlessly stretched out.

Our services provided during the event
Theatre play
Triangles - ITU Gala 1
Triangles - ITU Gala 2
Triangles - ITU Gala 3
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