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LED video wall

LED video walls push the boundaries of visualisation. Visual content on a screen surface that can be designed and spatially arranged without any limits, provides an immersive and memorable experience!

Where can LED video walls be used?

LED video walls serve as the background set of television studios, conferences, music and sports events, informal and animation display of shopping malls, concert halls and car showrooms.

Spatial placement and connection of multiple LED video walls can be transformed into a single huge visual experience with carefully designed animations.

If you need a LED video wall, you can RENT and PURCHASE equipment from our inventory.

Customized interfaces and media content

We construct an even surface and / or block systems using modular, high picture quality LED panels specifically designed for well-lit environments to create LED video walls.

Visual contents are optimized and positioned by our system engineers in accordance with the constructed surface.

We design the necessary software and animations to fit the performance of the event, the performers, the artists.

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LED video wall

LED video walls are flexible

For building facade and interior design solutions, the modular design of LED video walls lead to new types of creative solutions never seen before; horizontally and vertically movable columns, gates, curved and wavy, complete circular and spherical surfaces can be formed from it.

LED video walls are weatherproof

Due to their special technical design they can even be operated even in extreme weather conditions and heavy rain.

They can be installed and operated both indoors or outdoors. The brightness of the screens can be optimally adjusted for both outdoor and indoor lighting conditions.

LED video wall characteristics

  • Excellent image quality.
  • High brightness levels.
  • High contrast ratio.
  • Long service life, generally tens of thousands of hours.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Most models support a wide viewing angle.

Visual technology is constantly evolving

We are in daily contact with our technology partners, following their recommendations, so we always use the latest technology and the best resolution LED display modules and related video control processors for our newer and newer projects.

LED video wall types available by pixel distance (P value [1]): P1.25; P1.56; P1.875; P2.5; P2.8; P3.1; P3.9; P4; P4.8; P5.9; P8; Both P10 and intermediate values, too.

Event technology
LED video wall

Supporting structure types

We have selected the necessary supporting structure taking the placement of the surface made of LED panels into account.

  • Unique supporting structure: for permanent operation of the LED video walls on the building facade and in interior spaces.

    A supporting structure manufactured in accordance with the surface dimensions and the LED display modules layout; can be used for fixed installations.

    It cannot be easily moved in the future. Its removal and installation requires expertise, as well as more time.

    It is statically as well as TÜV certified.

  • Standing aluminium grid supporting structure: for LED video walls placed on the ground, platforms, stages or catwalks.

    Taking the size and place of use of the LED video wall into account we select the suitable form and weighting with which it can be securely fixed after calculating the expected wind load.

    The weighting can be the following: IBC container (1 cubic metre), sandbag, concrete pad.

    It is statically as well as TÜV certified.

  • Hanging supporting structure: for LED video walls hung onto the TRUSS gate or hanging points.

    We fasten the LED video walls with the hanging bar to the TRUSS aluminium bridge. We subsequently lift them to the correct height using stage technology motors / chain hoists.

    The number of motors and the exact fastening method is defined by the size and weight of the LED video wall in question.

    Conducting rigger tasks: connecting the motors and the aluminium bridge may require the assistance of an industrial climber.

You can choose fixed installation or rental equipment, too

LED video wall rental can be combined with operation, for which we provide technical staff, or without technical staff, as a so-called dry rental.

In case of dry rental, you can choose between delivery to your site or takeover of the rented equipment at our own site.

At the time of sale (in case of a fix installation) we provide the operating colleagues all the knowledge required for safe operation.

In addition, we provide information on warranty conditions and free regular maintenance during the warranty period at the time of sale / purchase.

We prepare an individual offer in each case

When determining the optimal price, after consultation and careful planning, we regard what type and size of equipment you want to choose, and for how long and whether you need technical staff in the case of rent.

The price offer includes the full cost of the investment / LED video wall rental.

Would you like to know more about the LED video walls?

We suggest the solution that best fits for the set of the performance in question from among the available selection of weatherproof outdoor and indoor SMD technology LED video walls[2] walls taking functionality into account when considering size and resolution.

The systems designed while considering the controlled displayable content,[3] the number of visitors and the physical parameters of the environment are constructed in a modular fashion, thus even the boldest ideas, for example arched surfaces can be created.

Due to the small weight of the LED display modules and the flexible screw and bolt placement the LED video wall can be installed swiftly anytime, anywhere.

Content displayed on the LED video walls can be easily programmed or controlled using a USB drive, cable connection, WiFi connection or video control.

General features of our equipment

  • SMD Technology [2]
  • They can be installed indoors or outdoors. During installation the elements can be either built on top of each other, or suspended.
  • Outdoor modules are provided with IP65 waterproof protection on the front and back.
  • Modular structure and easy maintenance. Due to its structure both the front and back surfaces can be maintained by a single person.
  • Matching module sizes – be it 500x500 mm, 640x640 mm or 500x1000 mm, every module within a set is the same size, fitting together perfectly and with ease during construction. 500x500 mm and 500x1000 mm sets can be combined with each other.
  • Flat and arched surfaces can also be created. During fitting, the modules can be adjusted in 90 degrees relative to each other.
  • More stable signal transfer. The six-layer design of the PCB creates a more stable and reliable signal transfer.
  • LED protection – spacers are placed on every module to keep the LEDs away from the ground.
  • Various possibilities of applications synchronised with the display of the LED floor. Regardless whether the resolution is *P4.3 / P5.95 / P7 the resolutions of the LED floor modules can be synchronized through software. The level of resolution can be synchronized with other LED video walls as well.

[1] P value (pixel distance): The LED display modules are made with lightweight diodes, spaced 1.8 to 10 mm apart. The P value represents the relative value of the diodes, expressed in millimetres both in the vertical and the horizontal direction. The ideal choice is always defined by the minimum viewing distance of the LEDs. As the view distance decreases, the suggested P value of the display decreases as well.

[2] SMD: The new-generation, recessed, cube-shaped LEDs are durable, highly visible from a distance, and provide a more enjoyable visual experience.

[3] LED control: You can fully control image parameters in real time with any of the LED video processors. Due to the universal architecture of LED control colourful (texts) surfaces can be displayed on top of a video, regardless of the exact model or configuration used. Aspect ratios can be set freely using the scaler.

Possible input sources of the controllers: HDMI, DVI, the scaler can receive signals from SDI, HD-SDI, VGA, and composite sources as well.

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