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KÉSZ Christmas, 2019

#type: Corporate event
#locale: Budapest, HU
#partner: KÉSZ Csoport

We were asked to take care of the events technology of the KÉSZ Christmas party in its entirety. The Christmas event hosted dance, prosaic and orchestral performances as well as the HEXAGON awards ceremony.

Our project therefore extended from building the stage with its decoration to providing and operating sound design, lighting technique and visual technology devices at the event venue – the MOM Sports Pool and Sports Complex.


The setup needed to create an atmosphere capturing and conveying the manifold, festive ambience of Christmas whereby the only factors against us were the tight deadline and the general work overload building up in the Christmas season.


We put together the list of necessary equipment on the back of the ideas of the KÉSZ marketing team. The design work was based on the various equipment groups, followed by the actual building work whereby we constructed a 10 x 6 meter stage (its decorations included background and tulle curtains, an LED-octopus light and a 4-meter chandelier with flitters). We also installed professional sound design* and lighting technique** to further support the performances at the highest quality.

Visual display was ensured by a 36 square meter Uniview TEKKEN LED wall with ***p5.95 resolution, using ****SMD technology as well as six LED-posters of ***P2.5 resolution with their respective control and player appliances.

Operation - and thus the performances of those on the Christmas Party stage - were supported by our technician staff.

*Sound design: L-Acoustics Kara line array system; Allen & Health SQ6 mixer

**Lighting technique: LED par / 36 pcs, ETC Fresnel / 16 pcs; Robe Robin moving light 600 / 6 pcs; MAC 700 moving light / 6 pcs; Claypacky K10 wash / 6 pcs; MA II. Lighting - light control unit

***P value (pixel distance): The LED modules are made with lightweight diodes, spaced 1.8 to 10 mm apart. The P value represents the relative value of the diodes, expressed in millimetres both in the vertical and the horizontal direction.

****SMD: The new-generation, recessed, cube-shaped LEDs are durable, highly visible from a distance, and provide a more enjoyable visual experience.

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