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LED pillar (cylindrical LED display)

The LED pillar is a digital informational and marketing communication surface assembled from flexible LED modules.

360 degree visual experience

The LED pillar is an informational and animation display for cultural and sport facilities, shopping malls and car saloons, as well as pedestrian underpasses and public transport centres.

The use of flexible LED modules makes it possible to create a cylindrical LED display.

The entire surface of the pillar is surrounded by the LED modules without any gaps; the cylindrical LED display provides a 360-degree visual experience.

The LED modules are fixed on a metal structure with the help of magnets.

The high-brightness LED diodes used in the modules provide an outstanding visual experience both indoors and outdoors, in strong daylight.

LED pillar or LED advertising pillar?

  • You can use it as a reborn, digital version of the advertising pillar which can display advertising pictures and videos, i.e. as an LED advertising pillar. The more cylinder LED screens, the more opportunities there are for displaying creative content to enhance the customer experience.
  • Or you may use it as an information screen to show information of general interest, maps, public transport schedules, traffic news, weather reports, sights to see, hiking opportunities, programs etc.
  • Also... Project unique videos designed for the surface!
System engineering solutions
LED pillar (cylindrical LED display)
Content sharing options and control methods
The content displayed on the LED pillar can be updated real time from a laptop or a smartphone – even remotely – or from the central server of the facility.
Portable: can be controlled via Windows, iOS and Android operating systems, via mobile application.
When using multiple LED pillars, synchronous or asynchronous content display is possible.

LED technology constantly advances

We keep daily contact with our technological partners and follow their recommendations, thus we always use the most recent technologies, LED displays providing the best resolution, and connected video control processors in each of our newer projects.

Design & construction

The construction of LED pillars demands complex mechanical and system engineering. We conduct an accurate demand analysis and on-site assessment before the design phase.

The design and construction period of a LED pillar system can be 3-4 months (depending on its structure).

We prepare an individual offer in each case

When establishing the optimal price after coordination and careful design we take into account the type and size of the devices you would like to choose.

During the sale phase (in the case of a fixed installation) we provide every information required for safe operation of the system to the operating staff members.

Furthermore, during the purchase / sale phase of the LED pillar / LED advertising pillar, you will receive information on the warranty conditions and the regular, free of charge maintenance carried out within the timeframe of the warranty.

Our quote includes the total cost of the investment.

Learn more about the LED pillar!

The LED pillar is a great replacement for conventional advertising pillars placed in interior spaces, as well as solutions like Roll-Ups, printed posters or TV monitors used nowadays to convey information.

As an independent marketing tool: it’s an ideal and innovative communication surface for malls, retail stores, brand chains, car salons, hotels, and venues!

The LED pillar eliminates the need for printing, there are no shipping, installation or other additional costs involved that would make single campaigns more expensive, be it the promotion of a product or the transfer of any other information.

General features of the LED pillar

  • SMD Technology[1]
  • HD display quality
  • The brightness exceeds 1000 nits, brighter than an LCD display
  • 360 degree horizontal viewing angle
  • High colour fidelity
  • Pixel distance (P[2]): 1,875 mm
  • Refresh rate up to 3840 Hz
  • Low power consumption

[1] SMD: The new-generation, recessed, cube-shaped LEDs are durable, highly visible from a distance, and provide a more enjoyable visual experience.

[2] The P value (pixel distance) represents the relative value of the diodes, expressed in millimetres both in the vertical and the horizontal direction.

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