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Power pullers

Do you need creative solutions for moving sceneries in theatrical environments?

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Power pullers

Power pullers are the most versatile upper mechanical moving elements in theaters!

Since power pullers can be moved both horizontally and vertically, the entire stage will be covered by these systems.

Generally, 4 power pullers are installed in a row within a mounting rail. These power pullers can be laterally moved inside the rail by hands. In case of complicated systems, lateral movement also requires the use of a mechanical system.

Power pullers qualify as unique machines

The construction of these machines demands complex mechanical engineering and control engineering. We conduct an accurate demand analysis and on-site assessment before planning.

The planning and implementation period of power pullers can be 3-8 months (depending on their complexity).

Do you want to learn more about power pullers?

Power pullers are operated by mechanical drive units and their respective control electronics.

Power pullers can be controlled in many different ways:

  • Moving one by one
  • Moving several power pullers in sync at the same time
  • Moving several power pullers in sync (route and time) at the same time

The installed power pullers will be delivered with a documentation confirming all the strictest planning, production and installation regulations have been followed, and an official certificate will be attached as well.

General data:

  • Load capacity: 100-300 kg
  • Moving range (depending on the venue): 6-35 meters
  • Moving speed (controllable): 0-1 m/s
  • Installed power
    (depending on the power puller/load capacity and speed): 1,5-11 kW
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