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Mobile chain hoist

Something has to be pulled up or held up at various points of the room?

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Mobile chain hoist

Use a mobile chain hoist!

Mobile chain hoists don’t require a fixed installation. They can be installed anywhere on the stage where appropriate loading points are established. Apart from planning these loading points, no other preparation is necessary for chain hoists.

Chain hoists can be categorized into following groups:

  • D8
    After lifting, the load has to be secured, and it should not be held by the chain and moved above people’s heads.

  • D8+
    Securing the load is not necessary, the load may be held by the chain but it cannot be moved above people’s heads.

  • BGV C1
    Securing the load is not necessary, the load may be held by the chain and it may also be moved above people’s heads.

Only type D8+ and type BGV C1 can be used in theaters!

Do you want to learn more about mobile chain hoists?

The planning and implementation period of chain hoists can be 1-2 months (depending on their complexity).

General data:

  • Load capacity: 100-5000 kg
  • Moving range (depending on the venue): 6-35 meters
  • Moving speed (depending on the number of wires): 8-10-12-14 m/min
  • Installed power (depending on the load capacity and speed): 3-5 kW
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