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Visual technology operation at the XIV. NN Ultrabalaton race

# type: Sport event
# location: Balatonfüred, HU

Creating and displaying sponsor videos on 12 LED displays at the XIV. NN Ultrabalaton race.


We agreed with our partner at the end of last year on the installation of two LED video walls to be built at two locations in the large tent.

The pandemic forced the race - originally to be held in May - to be pushed back to October; moreover, open-air arrangements had to be given priority to comply with the regulations. LED video walls needed to be transported and re-installed in haste during the four-day race.


► We suggested the use of mobile LED poster displays as opposed to built LED-walls to facilitate the need of prompt transporting and re-assembling. 6 LED poster displays were positioned in one row; the posters were linked, thus operating as one large display.

Two sets of this hi-res structure were deployed, their assembly requiring no more than 15-20 minutes each.

► We were in contact with nearly 35 sponsors and created their contents, too, to be displayed on the LED-structures.

The frames of the LED poster displays were utilised neatly for the graphic design: contents were first displayed separately from each other, to merge into one large image thereafter.

We contributed to the experience of the XIV. NN Ultrabalaton race with this spectacular and eye-catching solution.

Project categories
Sport event
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LED poster display
Visual technology operation at the XIV. NN Ultrabalaton race 1
Visual technology operation at the XIV. NN Ultrabalaton race 2
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