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SEPSI OSK Stadium - LED perimeter system expansion

# type: Sport match
# location: Sepsi OSK Aréna - Sepsiszentgyörgy, RO

The additional LED perimeter system designed and built for SEPSI OSK Stadium was installed above the fan exits.

The idea to install LED perimeters above nine fan exits came from the management of Sepsi OSK, thus expanding the possibilities of visual communication and enhancing the fan experience.

Part of the task was to ensure that the newly installed displays could display any content, independent of the LED perimeter system installed next to the football pitch.


The first enquiry about the project came in mid-summer. The request was to have new displays to complement the existing LED scoreboard and perimeter systems up and running by the start of the season, with a delay of a few matches at the latest.

We received specific dimensions from the customer as to which additional LED perimeter should be what size; the nine exits were not uniform in size.

► We reviewed the options, consulted the manufacturer and standardised the height of the LED perimeters. The height of the LED perimeters is exactly the required 1 metre, while 3 variations in width were used: 4 metres, 4.5 metres, as well as 6 metres.

► According to the site conditions, we prepared the drawings of the LED perimeters, the solution for their mounting and the way to control them in advance. We came to the first meeting already prepared with a concrete proposal for a solution.

► During the site visit, we surveyed the location of each additional LED perimeter, determined the exact position of the optical converters, the video processor and the input computer, and finalised the specific technical content; finally, we started production.


As the client required the additional LED perimeter system to be operational as soon as possible, the implementation was accelerated by the following sub-processes:

► Once the LED perimeters were completed at the factory, they were airfreighted to our Budapest site.

► The LED display control video processor, optical converters, as well as the input computer including software, were completely assembled in our warehouse.

We tested and labelled the devices, so we saved time on installation; all we had to do was mount the devices in the rack cabinet and plug the right cable into the right place.

► We submitted our strong and weak current installation requirements, which were carried out by the local team in Sfântu Gheorghe.

► We have already pre-assigned the installation crew so that when the LED perimeter arrived, we could start the installation immediately.

The LED perimeter arrived at our Budapest site on Monday morning. We packed it into our own car and left for Sfântu Gheorghe to start the installation on Tuesday morning.

► The fixing brackets were drilled into the facades during the on-site installation, where the low and high voltage cables, pulled by local experts, were waiting.

► We bolted Yuchip's outdoor *P3.9mm LED display cabinets - which can be mounted from the front - to the consoles and then connected the power and signal cables. The total depth of the LED perimeter including the bracket is just under 10 centimetres.

► The optical converters are located in two places where the signal cables from the displays are gathered. From here, an optical cable leads up to the server room, where the video processor controlling the LED display is located.

► The system is designed to be expandable in the future; it can drive additional LED displays if required.

► The control can also be accessed remotely, so there's no need to travel to the site for a future software update or troubleshooting.

The entire system has been designed with safe operation above all else: all low-current cables are connected in two directions. If a cable breaks, the additional LED perimeter system can continue to operate without failure.

The computer that provides content for the whole system is located in the control room. Local technicians can manage and control it together with the other displays.

After installation, the information needed to use the additional LED perimeter system was given to the local service staff.

Go, Sepsi!

► Project location: SEPSI OSK Arena

The Sepsi OSK Arena is a four-star UEFA football stadium that hosts matches of Sepsi OSK SC.

Source: Wikipedia

*P value (pixel distance): LED display modules are made with light diodes. The P value represents the relative value of the diodes, expressed in millimetres both in the vertical and the horizontal direction.

► The photographs are courtesy of SEPSI OSK.

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