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Goal Sport software

Do you wish to hand control of sport events and professional live production in one hand?

Goal Sport software is an all-in-one platform for all kinds of sport events!

A system that keeps track of the game for you. For amazing fan experience in sports arena with live production. Video analysis - a reliable tool for real-time decisions!

Supported sports: handball, futsal, basketball, volleyball, football, ice hockey, boxing, water polo, karate, tennis, wrestling, swimming, etc.

Sport technology
Goal Sport software

Timekeeper - Control the game clock

Present scoring, penalties, team formations, assistances and many other game events.

  • Game time control considering all the rules of the sport.
  • Notifies the other software about the input events.
  • Built-in database allows to create and update easily the profiles of teams, players and officials and to add pictures and videos.
  • Quick input of any event.
  • Visual selection of players.
  • Interface enhanced for live production speeds up the operation and avoid mishandling.

Studio - The ultimate combination for live production

Video switcher, slow motion and media management all in one application. All you would need to optimize live production.

  • Quick respond to the events of the match while simultaneously dealing with the live feed and media.
  • Suitable also for small arenas.
  • Incredibly fast workflow.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Cost-effective operation.
  • Straightforward live switcher with transitions.
  • Run a live feed and a wide range of media easily.
  • Players presentation.
  • Trademark marking system reduces considerably the average time of highlights editing.
  • Slow motion control via touch screen, jog, or mouse operation.
  • Create replay clips effortlessly.
  • Hotbar for favourite pieces of media.
  • Streaming and recording.
  • Integration with timekeeping.

We provide the operating colleagues all the knowledge required for safe operation

In addition, we will inform you of the warranty conditions and the necessary periodic updates and maintenance of the software at the time of sale / purchase.

The price offer / price includes the full cost of the investment.

Do you want to know more about Goal Sport software?

Live switcher - Live switching control for multiple screens in the stadium.

  • Multiple transition effects.
  • Suitable to addition of stingers.
  • Multi-touch or key control screen operation.
  • Custom camera presets.
  • Drag-and-drop function ease the selection of cameras.
  • Enhanced for in-house production.
  • MSuitable for sharing and streaming.
  • PIP and DVE effects.
  • Keying and Tally.

Slow motion - Enhanced application for match video highlights.

  • Quick to mark and create video replays.
  • It allows to instantly respond to situations of the match presenting video highlights on the stadium screens in seconds.
  • Time line shows the sequence and length of each video clip that will be on the screens.
  • Easy to define on which screens each video replay will be presented.
  • Allows to edit on-fly.
  • Sharing and distribution to IPTVs and VIP rooms.
  • Server connected and scalable up to 24 camera inputs.
  • Camera angle shifting.
  • Playlist creation.
  • Multitouch or key control.

Replay - Enhanced application for match video highlights.

  • One operator can easily handle live switching and game highlights editing.
  • Organize and share interesting content.
  • Live switching with transitions.
  • All camera replays with slow-motion.
  • Quick replays.
  • Send signal to VIPs, stream and record.

Video referee - Our software was developed specially for sport referees. It will provide operators with accuracy and speed for replaying.

  • FIFA Approved concept.
  • Full synchronization of all streams and referees marks.
  • Simplified operation.
  • It ensures fast response to any situation of the game.
  • Presets and layouts tools allow to quickly switch among the camera wall options.
  • Custom presets by login.
  • High speed and HD cameras.
  • Effortless zooming and speed up or slow down replays.
  • Intuitive touch control. All the tools referees need are in the fingerprints.
  • Forced delayed feed.
  • Slow motion and FF viewing with adjustable speed.
  • Tag specific time-marks by its severity or in case you want to analyse it later.
  • Timecode display.
  • Game footage is recorded all the time for reviewing in the moment or later.

Playout - It easily manages what, where and when content will be presented on the multiple screens of your stadium.

  • Built-in graphical editor to create and adjust graphical overlays such as digital scoreboards, event bugs or sponsor messages.
  • Scenes feature allows to easily orchestrate screens with different resolutions and different media.
  • Present appealing crossover scenes where the content scrolls from one screen to the other.
  • Scalable outputs for any kind of resolution.
  • Special application for perimeter screens ease the process of applying videos of different resolutions across the perimeter canvas.
  • Sun Shader, DMX and audio control.
  • Optimize commercial value with infotainment and advertising.
  • Registers when and for how long every advertisement video is displayed on a match.
  • Easy to display scoreboards, player presentations and dynamic messages.
  • Enhance the interaction in the stadium with Noisemeter.
  • Invite the audience to interact on the giant screen with the Social Hub application.
  • Easy to add, organise and classify videos in playlists.

Fan Experience Pack - Our special features designed to enhance fan engagement.

  • Noisemeter,
  • Infotainment,
  • Social Hub,
  • Instant Messages

Integrate - Make your venue a smart one by controlling all digital stadium assets from just one software platform.

  • Perimeters,
  • Giant screens,
  • Tobleled.


  • Player presentation,
  • Live match stats,
  • Player.

Social hub brings the web and social media content to the screens of your arena.

Fan engagement increasing:

  • It allows to fans interact live during the match using a social network.
  • Your social networks are more visible to the audience in the arena.
  • Connect fans from your social networks to the games.
  • It increases the organic content generated by the audience about your club/arena.

Interactive advertising opportunities:

  • It enhances the use of hashtags in advertising campaigns.
  • It connects the fans inside in the stadium to social network of brands.
  • It links your brand to the experience of the game.

Systems - Supplementary software.

For sport venues which want to increase fan experience we suggest one of the following software systems. Content Management is the core of the system. They will differ from each other by the demands of Live Production.

GS Experience System - It allows full control of content and live broadcasting in the stadium.

For venues with high demands of content management and high demand of live production.


  • GS timekeeper,
  • GS playout,
  • GS live,
  • GS slow motion.


  • 8-24 inputs (live),
  • 2-8 outputs,
  • 3 operators.


  • 4U rack workstations (3 units),
  • Mutitouch screens.

GS Creation System - It allows full control of content and live broadcasting in the stadium.

For venues with high demands of content management and high demand of live production.


    • GS timekeeper,
    • GS playout,
    • GS live,
    • GS slow motion.


    • 4-8 inputs (live),
    • 2-8 outputs,
    • 2 operators.


    • 4U rack workstations (3 units),
    • MMultitouch screens.

    Goal Sport software is an all-in-one platform for all kinds of sport events.

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Goal Sport software

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