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Unique heated football player’s benches

# type: Sport event
# location: Puskás Aréna - Budapest, HU
# partner: "PHAROS '95" Kft.

Our company was requested during the construction of the Ferenc Puskás Stadium to install 50 uniquely manufactured, heated player’s benches along with the corresponding covers.


It was an honour to be nominated for the construction of the unique player’s benches and their covers, since the Stadium will host four of the European Championship matches in 2021. It is a joy in itself that the player’s benches have a central location next to the field, so the benches will be visible for years in broadcasts of the matches and photos taken there.


The task was completed in two major steps. The manufacture of every element of the unique hand-sewn leather seats was done in one and a half months in a manufactory in Leicester, England. Subsequently the production of the corresponding covers was handled by our partner company in Szeged, Hungary.

► Project location: the Puskás Arena

The Puskás Ferenc Stadium was a 68 976-seat facility for sports and music events until the demolition of the Hungarian national football team's primary home ground. The new Puskás Arena was built on the site of the demolished stadium and hosted its first football match on 15 November 2019.

Address: 1146 Budapest

Source: Wikipedia

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