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Horizon curtains around the studio

#type: Television programming
#locale: Budapest, HU
#partner: Luminis Kft.

The entire studio needed to be surrounded with horizon material which was to serve as a neutral backdrop for the equipment installed at a later stage.


The client required one continuous piece of extraordinary size; hence it could only be sewn.


Horizon curtains around the studio: We sewed three 34m x 9.4m pieces of Bühnenmolton R55 type material and installed them for the client. An aggregate length of 370 running meters was used for the curtains, weighing 115 kg each.

Project categories
TV studio
Technological elements of the project
Horizon fabric Sewing of theatre and stage materials
Horizon curtains around the studio 1
Horizon curtains around the studio 2
Horizon curtains around the studio 3
Horizon curtains around the studio 4
Horizon curtains around the studio 5
Horizon curtains around the studio 6
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