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Greenbox / Bluebox studio creation

#type: Television programming
#locale: Budapest, HU
#partner: MTVA

The aim was the creation of a greenbox / bluebox studio with a semicircle horizon.


Due to the semicircle design of the horizon, the material needed to be stretched out in a curved shape, which called for careful planning and special, unique execution.


In order to be able to stretch out the material in a perfectly wrinkle-free way, we manufactured a pair of curved upper and lower rails and successfully installed the 35m x 7,4m Television CS material, sewn and customized in our own tailor workshop, onto the rails with the help of bungee cords - all without a single crease!

Type: horizon curtain materials around, bluebox-greenbox

Description of material: Television CS

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TV studio
Greenbox / Bluebox studio creation 1
Greenbox / Bluebox studio creation 2
Greenbox / Bluebox studio creation 3
Greenbox / Bluebox studio creation 4
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