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LED posters at the Groupama Arena

#type: Sport event
#locale: Budapest, HU
#partner: SPORTFIVE Hungary Kft.

Sportive Hungary Kft. purposed the placement of information boards and advertising surfaces in Groupama Arena for the football match between Ferencvárosi Torna Club (FTC) and Mezőkövesd Zsóry FC.


The company’s vision was to place these information boards on either side of the reception area as well as on the upper floors.


In agreement with the client, we put out four LED-posters of 224x756 pixel resolution (*P2.5); previously uploaded material - video footages and images alike - by FTC of both itself and its sponsors were displayed on them.

The LED-posters served as an emphatic area to notify of the changing circumstances in the COVID-pandemic as well as to assert the local health campaign “Let us look out for each other!”.

► Project location: the Groupama Arena

Address: 1091 Budapest, Üllői út 129.

*P value (pixel distance): The LED modules are made with light-weight diodes, spaced 1.8 to 10 mm apart. The P value represents the relative value of the diodes, expressed in millimetres both in the vertical and the horizontal direction.

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Sport infocommunication
Technological elements of the project
LED poster
LED posters at the Groupama Arena 1
LED posters at the Groupama Arena 2
LED posters at the Groupama Arena 3
LED posters at the Groupama Arena 4
LED posters at the Groupama Arena 5
LED posters at the Groupama Arena 6
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