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Installation of an outdoor LED scoreboard system

#type: Sport match
#locale: Budapest, HU
#partner: Market Építő Zrt.

The client contacted us in connection with the 2017 FINA World Championships and requested the concept of a large, vertically adjustable LED scoreboard to be positioned in different heights, adapting to the different types of matches and competitions.


It is uncommon to have the option of vertical adjustment of a scoreboard panel, i.e. the possibility of lowering and raising it.


Installation of an outdoor LED scoreboard system: The size of one side of the centrally positioned, non-modular, four-sided, outdoor, waterproof YuChip Lighting LED scoreboard with *P5.95 resolution, using **SMD technology is 24 square meters. The scoreboard, amounting to an aggregate of 96 square meters, can be lowered all the way to the pool. The scoreboard is operated by a total of eight dual-brake lifting engines and a four-channel control unit.

*P value (pixel distance): The LED modules are made with light-weight diodes, spaced 1.8 to 10 mm apart. The P value represents the relative value of the diodes, expressed in millimetres both in the vertical and the horizontal direction.

**SMD: The new-generation, recessed, cube-shaped LEDs are durable, highly visible from a distance, and provide a more enjoyable visual experience.

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World Championship
Installation of an outdoor LED scoreboard system 1
Installation of an outdoor LED scoreboard system 2
Installation of an outdoor LED scoreboard system 3
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