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LED posters for ATRYUM FASHION CITY, Nyugati Square

#type: Marketing communications
#locale: Budapest, HU
#partner: W. Street Fashion Hungary Kft.

Our partner asked us to prepare LED posters for the storefront of the ATRYUM FASHION CITY mall that would enable visitors to read a variety of marketing and informational content that could help them while shopping.


The hard part of the design task was to synchronize the LED posters with the internal IT network of the mall, as well as the central server itself.

The client wanted to upload content themself after installation, thus we had to prepare the system as such.


Our colleagues prepared 4 pieces of P2,5* 560x1890 millimetre LED posters for the client, with a resolution of 216x729 pixels each.

The supporting structures for the devices were fit to the size of the storefront. This way the client was able to install the devices themselves during construction.


Content shown on the LED posters connected to the IT network can be uploaded via the mall central server.

The LED poster is an effective marketing tool in itself; an ideal and innovative marketing communication surface for malls, retail stores and brand chains!

*P value (pixel distance): Indicates the distance between the centre of LEDs both horizontally and vertically in millimetres.

Project categories
Marketing communication
Technological elements of the project
Digital Signage system LED poster
LED posters for ATRYUM FASHION CITY, Nyugati Square 1
LED posters for ATRYUM FASHION CITY, Nyugati Square 2
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