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Coca-Cola Energy Tour / Installation of Indoor LED floor and LED Wall

#type: Event infocommunication
#locale: Országos turné / National tour, HU
#partner: Lauritzen Instore Holding Zrt.

For events and tastings related to the launch of Coca-Cola Energy in Hungary, we had to create an interactive game using our LED solutions.

We needed to create a specific software option which would invite the visitors to join the interactive game through a spectacular 3D LED floor-wall combination.


The LED displays of various sizes, types and resolutions had to be operated and integrated into a system in a coordinated, interactive way, plus we had to provide a safe handover and operation.

Totally different systems needed to be merged into one unit and controlled by one software platform. Extracting data concerning the treading from the touch-sensitive, interactive LED floor presented many difficulties as the protocol applied by the manufacturer did not make it possible to extract data which would serve as the base to control the accelerating steps of more than one visitor.


Installation of Indoor LED floor and LED Wall: We designed two different interactions. We appeared with the bigger version at universities, while we utilized the smaller version in office environments. The version designed to be used at universities was a 9 square meter UNIVIEW i6.25 Interactive Floor LED with LED modules of *P5.9 resolution, using **SMD technology (3x3 m), with a 2.5-meter tall foam coke can in the middle, on which we placed a 1 square meter, curved LED as a vertical line.

The idea of the game we developed is to make 4 people tap around the sides of the LED floor with a steady and accelerating pace. The accelerating tapping allows them to “fill up the coke can in the middle with energy,” which is visually represented by the curved LED strip in the middle. The smaller version, designed for office environments (“atwork” version) is built on similar foundations; it consists of a 1 square meter LED floor and a LED poster placed in front of it. The foot silhouette that the player had to step on was placed on the floor, while on the LED poster, the contour of a man vas visible. Here again, the contour can be “charged with energy” using tapping movements, so that “positive energy can flow.”

Through developing a unique library (DLL), we managed to create the game whereby 1-4 visitors could, by treading a pressure-sensitive, interactive LED floor fill up a virtual Coca-Cola Energy can out of an indoor LED wall. The rhythmicity and the acceleration of the treading were necessary to accomplish the enjoyable interactive challenge.

*P value (pixel distance): The LED modules are made with light-weight diodes, spaced 1.8 to 10 mm apart. The P value represents the relative value of the diodes, expressed in millimetres both in the vertical and the horizontal direction.

**SMD: The new-generation, recessed, cube-shaped LEDs are durable, highly visible from a distance, and provide a more enjoyable visual experience.

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Event infocommunication
Coca-Cola Energy Tour / Installation of Indoor LED floor and LED Wall 1
Coca-Cola Energy Tour / Installation of Indoor LED floor and LED Wall 2
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